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Within each of our children is a limitless creativity. It is our responsibility as parents, educators and as a society to foster this creativity and to offer our children opportunities for expression.

Student Author Project is a non-profit organization which creates visibility for students. We partner with schools and other organizations to publish student stories and essays as books, which are then available in bookstores and on Amazon worldwide. Being a published author builds our children's self-confidence and empowerment. It creates a sense of visibility and reach, preparing young people to take the creative and courageous decisions that will shape the future.

In many cases, funding is available from grants, which we are happy to manage for schools and other organisations.

"We publish students' stories and essays as a book!" 

A platform for our childrens' ideas!

Our children's generation will face almost insurmountable problems. Global warming, migration, increasing political instability, digitalization and much more. They will have to develop creative solutions for these issues, and to do so they will need courage and the firm belief that their ideas will be heard. To enable our children to do this, we must do everything we can to ensure that they grow up feeling heard and seen from the very beginning. Their ideas are valuable and deserve a platform. The non-profit organisation Student Author Project creates this visibility for students.

"A fantastic concept to give students a true feeling of visibility and reach!" 

What we want to achieve... 

  • Students are highly motivated when they know in advance that their essays and stories will be published in a book which will be available in bookstores and on Amazon worldwide.

  • Publishing their stories targets intrinsic motivation. Students have an increased interest in making sure their stories are good - not just for the sake of grading.

  • Being able to show their own published book to parents, friends and families fills students with pride and contributes greatly to raising their self-esteem.

  • The positive reinforcement that comes from publishing their book contributes to our children growing up with the confidence that their thoughts and opinions matter and that they have visibility and reach.

  • Particularly for students with migration background, publishing their book is an important milestone for their integration and language acquisition. At the same time, making their books available worldwide can help them stay connected with families across the world.

  • Students can include their published books on their resumes and applications by adding a QR code to their CVs and thus will stand out from the crowd for university placements and job applications.

  • Schools can use the publications for their school marketing (QR code / book cover mock-ups) and thus position themselves as outstanding educational institutions that offer their students new opportunities and platforms.

... it really is THIS simple! 

Book your free no-commitment 30min Zoom-Call and let's discuss how Student Author Project can work best with you and your students!

Let's publish your book together! 

Have we sparked your interest?

Service specifications

  • Publication of texts by students as a book
    (e.g., as a short story collection).

  • Book publications available as ebook, paperback & hardback.

  • Book publications available in bookstores and libraries worldwide

  • Book publications available on Amazon worldwide.

  • All authors named in the book as well as on the Amazon product page. 

  • All ebooks are available on Kindle Unlimited (free for KU subscribers). 

  • The ebook is available as a free download for 5 days after publication.  

  • ISBN for each book format. 

  • Cover design (cover, spine, back cover) for all formats.

  • Formatting and creation of print files for all formats


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Thank you so much! 

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