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Student Author Project is a boutique publishing company working with schools worldwide. We exclusively publish content created by Primary and Secondary Students. We turn their stories and essays into books and make these available for purchase in bookstores and on Amazon marketplaces worldwide.

Publish your student’s work for as little as $25* / €20* per student!

* Prices depend on number of students participating per project and overall wordcount

A platform for our children's ideas! 

Our children's generation will face almost insurmountable problems. Climate change, migration, increasing political instability, digitalization and much more. They will have to develop creative solutions to tackle these issues, and they will need courage and the firm understanding that their ideas will be heard. To enable our children to do this, we must ensure that they grow up feeling heard and seen from the very beginning. Their ideas are valuable and deserve a platform.


Student Author Project creates visibility for students. We work with schools worldwide to publish student stories and essays as books, which are then available in bookstores and on Amazon worldwide. Being a published author builds our children's confidence, preparing them to make creative and courageous choices that will shape the future.

Benefits for you
and your students... 

  • Students are highly motivated by knowing their work will be published and available for purchase worldwide as opposed to never be seen again after grading.

  • Publication of their work incentivises students to push for highest academic standards.

  • Showing their publications to friends and family provides a huge boost of confidence for students.

  • Referencing their publications on CVs and applications to colleges and future employers gives students an edge above the competition.

  • Connecting with loved ones across the world through worldwide availability of publications.

  • Positioning your school as an outstanding educational institution, which goes above and beyond to provide opportunities and visibility for their students by offering the possibility to publish students’ work and making it available for purchase worldwide.

All packages include:

  • Publication of student-produced content as a book (usually anthology)

  • Publication available as ebook, softcover & hardcover

  • Publication available for order in bookstores and libraries worldwide

  • Publication available on Amazon marketplaces worldwide

  • All individual contributors named inside book and on Amazon product page

  • Inclusion of ebook in Kindle Unlimited (free for KU subscribers)

  • Ebook available as free download on Amazon for 5-day-period following launch

  • ISBN for each format

  • Cover Design (front & back) for ebook / softcover / hardcover

  • Formatting and file production for ebook / softcover / hardcover

  • Uploading of final files to Amazon and conventional distributor

  • QR-Codes pointing to purchase links on different Amazon marketplaces
    (can be used by students for inclusion on CVs / applications and for school marketing purposes)

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So how does your pricing work?

Each project is priced individually depending on the number of students participating and the overall wordcount of their stories or essays.

Want to find out more or discuss your project in detail? We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

This sounds awesome! Tell me more... 


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